Jesper Gasseling

Concert Violinist

"Passionate and with a youthful sparkle"

Luzerner Zeitung


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Amati violin on loan

Introducing the magnificent Nicolo Amati violin 'Ex-Eduard Drolc', now on loan to Jesper by a generous Swiss family!

Made in Cremona around 1650, this masterpiece has been played by soloists and chamber musicians of ther Berlin Philharharmonic for over 50 years. Experience the unique sound in one of Jesper's upcoming concerts.


His passionate performance of the extremely demanding violin part revealed not only violinistic talent, but also an advanced musical maturity. (Luzerner Zeitung)

The young musicians around Jesper Gasseling thrilled with exuberance in their playing.(Luzerner Zeitung)

Jesper Gasseling took on Herskedal's complex writing with apblomb.(London Jazz News)

Jesper is an extraordinary musical talent, his playing both virtuosic and full of coloristic range. There is a deep sensitivity - a sense of poetry - in his music making. (Conductor Jessica Cottis, BBC Symphony/ Sydney Symphony orchestra)

Fascinated the audience with a concert of explosive force.

Jesper Gasseling and Urska Horvat showed refinement, dynamic diversity and sonorous power in Penderecki's 'Duo Concertante'. (Luzerner Zeitung)